"People used to tell me to look at which young offender's institution my child was going to. Now I'm looking at which university they will go to." - Year 13 parent
"Excellent provision of adapted curriculum to meet the children's individual needs. Everything fun & enjoyable"
"Where do I start?! I am so pleased and grateful for the excellent provision, quality teaching and care that my child has access to in school."
"Fantastic school I personally couldn't have hoped for a better school safe and nurturing environment she always comes home with a smile."
"I think the school overall is great and my son has come on leaps and bounds since being there, he always enjoys school and is always smiling."
"The Trust Olympics 2023 were perfect, awesome and fantastic."
"Brilliant clubs & brilliant staff also."
"My children really enjoy the school clubs both after school and holiday clubs, the staff are amazing."
"We really love the school holiday club and so do the boys."
"I would like to send a message of thanks to everyone who works the clubs and those for organise them too. They are an important resource to our whole family, so thank you."

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Nexus MAT Meetings of the Trust Board Page Splitter

Nexus MAT Meetings of the Trust Board

The Trust Board of Directors meets at least 6 times per year, usually 17:00-19:30 hrs.

The Trust Board has a Chair and Vice Chair and also has an Audit & Finance Committee and a Standards Committee

All Trust committees must be made up of a majority of MAT Directors and chaired by a Director.

Below are copies of Trust meeting agendas and minutes. Local Governing Body agendas and minutes are published on academy websites. Reports on the agendas of any of these meetings are available to the public for public inspection.

If any member of the public would like to request a copy of any of the reports from a meeting agenda, please submit a request in writing, specifying which reports are being requested, to foi@nexusmat.org

More information on Committees

The Audit & Risk Committee meets six times per year and holds delegated responsibilities for overseeing the management of risk, finance, ICT strategy and the Executive’s response to internal and external audit recommendations.

The Standards Committee meets 3 times per year and holds delegated responsibilities for overseeing the quality of education standards in our academies, including the management of risk (in conjunction with the A&F committee) and ensuring safeguarding practices are effective.

Both committees work in conjunction with Local Governing Bodies, who scrutinise academy information in more detail.

The Trust also has a Local Governing Body Advisory Forum, which is chaired by a MAT Director and is used as a means of connecting the work of the local governing bodies with the work of the Trust Board.

Please Note: Due to the confidential or sensitive nature of the Board meetings, not all papers will be published on the public domain. For further information, please follow our FOI process as noted above and on our contact page.