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Thinking about joining Nexus Multi Academy Trust?

The Education Excellence Everywhere whitepaper outlined the Government’s vision for more academies and Multi Academy Trusts across the country.

However, choosing the right Trust for a school is not an easy process, and can generate sleepless nights for Head teachers and governors.

At Nexus MAT, we believe in every child. The further decision makers are from children and their families, the less informed those decisions are and ultimately the less effective services become.

If you have similar values and beliefs and if you want to use academisation to help children and young people achieve more; then get in touch. All it takes is a conversation to find out whether you have the same vision we have, and whether our values are akin to your own.

We believe in achieving the lowest top-slice possible so that as much money as possible follows each and every child.

If you’d like to talk, please email or call 01709 257277 or contact us below.

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