"People used to tell me to look at which young offender's institution my child was going to. Now I'm looking at which university they will go to." - Year 13 parent
"Excellent provision of adapted curriculum to meet the children's individual needs. Everything fun & enjoyable"
"Where do I start?! I am so pleased and grateful for the excellent provision, quality teaching and care that my child has access to in school."
"Fantastic school I personally couldn't have hoped for a better school safe and nurturing environment she always comes home with a smile."
"I think the school overall is great and my son has come on leaps and bounds since being there, he always enjoys school and is always smiling."
"The Trust Olympics 2023 were perfect, awesome and fantastic."
"Brilliant clubs & brilliant staff also."
"My children really enjoy the school clubs both after school and holiday clubs, the staff are amazing."
"We really love the school holiday club and so do the boys."
"I would like to send a message of thanks to everyone who works the clubs and those for organise them too. They are an important resource to our whole family, so thank you."

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Founders of Nexus MAT

Nexus MAT was founded as a company on 21 March 2016, and was joined by the 3 founding schools of our Trust on 1 June 2016: Abbey, Hilltop and Kelford schools. All three schools were based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

The Trust has come a long way since those early days, though the foundations laid then have helped the Trust flourish in the years since. The founding Members of the Trust were:

  • Mr. Andrew Child MBE
  • Mr. John Coleman
  • Mr. Paul Girling
  • Mr. Peter Leach
  • Mrs. Zanib Rasool MBE
  • The Board of Directors which founded the Trust has changed over time, and the founding Directors of Nexus MAT were:

  • Mr. Andrew Child MBE (Chair)
  • Mr. John Coleman (Vice Chair)
  • Mr. Steven Booth
  • Mrs. Tracey Brooke
  • Mr. Warren Carratt
  • Mr. John Irwin
  • Ms. Susan Shelley

The first Chief Executive Officer of Nexus MAT was Mr. Warren Carratt. The Nexus MAT community will always be grateful for the contribution made by these key individuals, who gave their time voluntarily and with generosity to help create the Trust we have today.

In Memoriam

Sadly, since we started our journey as an organisation we have lost key friends and contributors along the way. This section of our website remembers those who are no longer with us.

john Coleman

John Coleman
    6 November 1955 – 25 February 2022
      Member and Director of Nexus MAT (21 March 2016 – 25 February 2022)

      John was a founding Member and Director of Nexus MAT, and was a relentless champion for the children, families and staff we serve.

      John gave his life to public service, starting his career as a teacher before training to become an Educational Psychologist, working in his early career at Rotherham Council. A bright and highly capable man, John served as the Principal Educational Psychologist at Sheffield City Council in the 1990s and early 2000s before moving to the Department for Education as a regional director of the then National Strategies programme, which was a New Labour Government initiative aimed at supporting underperforming schools across the country.

      Latterly, John was the commissioner for special educational needs at Rotherham Council, closing the circle on his career before retiring in 2015.

      Following his retirement, John was an active volunteer Director/Trustee of Nexus Multi Academy Trust, and also worked in a voluntary capacity with the National Governance Association – work which continued his lifelong commitment to changing our state education system for the better. John served as chair of the local governing bodies at Pennine View, Abbey and North Ridge Schools during his time with Nexus MAT, and was also Chair of the Management Committee at The Rowan Centre, a pupil referral unit in Rotherham.

      John will always be an irreplaceable member of the Nexus MAT community and is someone who made an immeasurable contribution to the lives of children and young in our country. He will always be missed, and never forgotten by those who had the privilege to work with him.