"Like to say a huge thank you to everyone for all their hard work."
"We are grateful for all the measures put in place and the support has been second to none."
"Home learning was clear and easy to follow, topical and expanded on learning to further capture imagination."
"School did amazing with all help through lockdown and gave me massive confidence that all safety measures were put in place for my child to go back."
"Brilliant communication and fantastic support on a daily basis from."
"Please keep up the fab work these are unprecedented times we live in and I think you have done more than enough for the children and young people plus and their families."
"I felt fully informed at all times during Lockdown, by phone calls, messages etc. My worries, concerns about sending my child back to school were answered and I felt happy overall."
"Felt really supported by the school during lock down with weekly phone calls"
"I felt the school was helpful and supportive during the pandemic and considered me and my child's needs and wellbeing constantly."
"School went well above their requirements during lock down. We never felt as if we were on our own, we always knew we could contact someone if needed. All the staff have been amazing during a very difficult time."
"Excellent support from staff. Thank you"
"Thank you .... you're all doing an amazing job"
"Whilst not ideal, you are working hard to keep the children safe and in a stable routine. Thank you."
"Thank you for the updates and the way you keep our children and staff safe."
"Hope you are keeping yourself safe too."
"Well done! Very challenging times for everyone and I think you’re doing great considering no one knows how to deal with this new horrible virus"

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CEO Briefing June 2021

Ah - summer time! Even with the delta-variant-associated risks to national lockdown measures being lifted on the 21 June, it’s still been grand to have felt the sunshine and to have seen such beautiful azure skies over the last couple of weeks. We finally got some consistently good weather for a half term break, which feels like it lifts the whole mood of the country.

Work has recently started on the erection of our new school building, Discovery Academy, which will be opening in Sheffield in September 2022. The pandemic has delayed the construction work on the new school site by 12 months, which has been a disappointing yet unavoidable consequence of the last year. Here’s a picture of the foundations being laid for part of the building, which was taken about 6 weeks ago:


We’re super excited about what the new school will bring to the local area and to our Trust, and we’ll be commencing recruitment from the spring of 2022.

Work at The Bridge continues apace, and it’s lovely to hear from Heads about how excited families are for their children to be moving to a new learning environment without losing their connection with the schools they know and trust so much. A new website, www.thebridgehub.org, has been launched which has more information about what we’re developing, why and with whom. More content will be added over the coming weeks, too!

We have recently advertised for a Trust Speech and Language Therapist which a number of our academies have asked for. There’s so much happening, and we’ve only got 5 weeks or so left! Sleeves definitely rolled up…

See you all in school, soon!

Posted in CEO Briefs on Jun 10, 2021

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