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CEO Briefing September 2020

A huge welcome back to all our staff this week, and to the majority of our pupils today, after the summer holidays. Some pupils will be returning after a 5 or 6 week break, whilst others will be coming back to school after 5 months of being away. I know how excited all our Headteachers are about all our pupils returning and I’ve also heard loads about the enthusiasm that our staff have shown over the last 2 days for the welcoming back of all of our children. We saw really high attendance rates at Abbey and Coppice - who re-opened to all pupils yesterday– and we’re anticipating a similar trend across all our other academies this week and next. We have lots of new arrivals across the whole Trust - children and adults - so I’d like to say another huge welcome to the Nexus MAT family to all our new starters. I had the opportunity to meet our brand new staff team at Bader Academy on Tuesday afternoon, and it was great to hear a little bit about their roles and experiences. Despite the monumental confusion around exams this year, I’m so proud that our pupils at Becton and Abbey exceeded expectations with their results, as pupils from both schools had a lot to celebrate on results day. A big ‘well done’ to the young people, and a big ‘thank you’ to the class teams for all the hard work in helping our learners along the way to making these achievements. As leaders, we’re now familiar with how the changing landscape of COVID-19 means we need to plan with as much flexibility as possible. The Trust has clear procedures in place for responding to local cases of coronavirus in our academies and we’ve already had experience of responding swiftly and effectively. We’ll continue to comply with Government advice and guidance, updating our approach as this changes. We return in September on the back of a very busy summer period. We’ve had building works undertaken in three of our academies, as we continue to enhance the quality of our estate so that children have a better, safer learning environment. Work to finalise our new Bader Academy site is on course to complete before the end of the calendar year, and we’ve set up in our temporary accommodation at The Bridge, which is a building we’ll be keeping on once the Bader cohort move to the new school site. More news on that to follow! During the summer, Professor Nick Hodge stepped down as a Trust Director, so the Board will be seeking a replacement for Nick over the coming months. The Executive Assistant to the Trust Board, Diane Hyner, has also taken the decision to leave. Diane will be retiring at the end of October, after 3 years of working with us at Nexus. We wish both Nick and Diane all the best in their respective futures. I am, personally, very grateful for their contribution to our Trust. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy start to 2020-21.

Posted in CEO Briefs on Sep 04, 2020

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