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CEO Briefing November 2019

It's been over 2 months since I last published a CEO briefing, and there’s more news to share than I have space for, so I’ll get straight to it!

On 18 October our amazing Abbey school won the “Early Years Provision” Award at the National Association for Special Educational Need annual celebration event. A huge thanks to all the staff who work so hard to see our children recognised for their achievements. Special mention too to Jill Newbolt, who has worked with all of our special schools for a number of years to ensure that we have open access to truly inclusive sporting opportunities for all of our children! That trophy cabinet at Abbey is in real need of reinforcement, now...

Since my last briefing, Crags and Heatherwood have converted to join the Trust and Coppice will convert on 1 Dec. Due to the election, we are now expecting North Ridge and Becton schools to complete their academisation journeys in the spring of 2020, (once we’ve managed to tie up some loose ends with their responsible local authorities). This is clearly a time of change and development for our Trust, with our new schools bringing a wealth of experience and talent to the Nexus family. We’ve already started to work together across the schools on a variety of initiatives and we have exciting plans for how we can build on this throughout the year.

As the Trust grows and develops, it’s really important that we continue to have strong governance that ensures we never lose sight of our moral purpose. I’m therefore delighted to share the news that Helen Bellinger has recently been appointed a Director of Nexus MAT. Helen was previously on the governing board of North Ridge; has worked in Doncaster as a senior leader in education for a number of years; and is employed as the Director of the Doncaster Research School. As the Trust now has more schools from Doncaster than any other locality area, it’s really important we have a connection to the wider community on our Board - Helen brings this and so much more!

We’ve also had some exciting developments in local governance, with two new Chair appointments since the start of this academic year. Alison Warner has joined the Abbey LGB and Pamela Smith is now chairing Kelford’s. Both Alison and Pamela bring a huge amount of experience to our governing bodies, with an independence and objectivity which will only help strengthen the challenge and support of our governors as they work with Headteachers and senior leaders.

Planning for our two new “free” schools continues apace, with the designs being finalised now for Bader Academy (due to open in 2020/21—note the new logo in the top left corner of this briefing!) and Discovery Academy. The Bader website is also due to be launching new information soon: Bader Academy

I now can’t wait to get out and about in all our schools over the next 3 weeks as we start the Christmas festivities! I’ll make sure to write out again before we finish for Christmas!

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Posted in CEO Briefs on Nov 29, 2019

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